Bronze Coaching Package

About the Bronze Coaching Package

What the package includes:

• Upto 2 hours of personal coaching

• Face to face contact

• Upto 3 personal contacts over 12 months to discuss progress reports.

What you will gain from this package:

This is ideal for players with a small issue that I can look and assess with hopefully a quick fix.


It's an opportunity to discuss your issues and ask questions, looking at possible solutions and what I would do in that

situation or if I've ever experienced the problem.


We discuss what’s going well in your game and listen to you before putting in steps to move forward.


My coaching sessions are catered for a two-way discussion with a positive, honest, supportive and patient coach who has

been a respected professional for over 10 years using transferrable skills from 30 years as a manager in Housing.

The Bronze Coaching package is £200.

Please complete the enquiry form below and select the coaching package you desire, once I receive your enquiry I will arrange to contact you to process the payment and advise on the next stages of planning your coaching.

Thanks for your interest, I will make you a better dart player!

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A true gentleman of the game of darts, Glen has had a realtively short but dynamic and multiple prize winning career in the game. Explore his website and find out more about Glen Durrant.


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